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Social Waste Product: Fan Art

 I spent the morning un-following a bunch of very talented people on Tumblr.

That feels like a really weird thing to say. And it is.

It was nearly a dozen different artists in all, and they were all extremely talented. Part of what moved me to Follow them in the first place was their skill. In…

I agree with this so much. I watch many different people of varying skill level and focus, but the defining thread is that they produce original work and have original stories in their heads. I like young artists a lot for this reason; sometimes the stories aren’t the best but the feeling and brain power behind them is there.

Fanartists can do incredible work too, but as a consumer of art it’s as significant as the difference between eating a meal and eating someone else’s vomit.

Original storytelling and the forms of creativity you’re talking about is another artistic muscle in itself. Some artists use the hell out of it, and some don’t. It’s great that you prefer original storytelling but calling artist’s work vomit is over the top.

I agree ^ At the very least fanart can be good practice - and I love fanart, but people who want to be working artists (terms, whatever) should also work very hard on making their own creations and concepts. If you’re going to be looking for a job, you might as well show off your creativity.

  Yes fanart is good for practice..and only practice.. that is that. He is not saying that fanart is bad guys..he just said it´s not very productive in a way that you don´t even have your own characters or backgrounds. I draw fanart and it´s easier, because I don´t have to think what sort of gesture will this character make or whatever. And like goddamnshark ,in the comment above said, if you want to be working artists you need to show what you can do, it´s not with fanart that you will get a job right? You have to show your worth!

  Now really people, stop being mad over nothing. It´s his opinion so what?? This person is also an artist, and probably knows much more than you do…*sigh*

Draw fanart if you want to, no one is stopping you. Did someone say you should stop? NO! You were just suggested to draw something else besides that.

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