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omygosh my boyfriend got me a balloonicorn . cutest thing EVAR!!!

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My heart stopped

and i feel not only god but jesus was with that demo at that moment in time


"Snipe me like one of your french girls"


Remember the time Valve scrapped the drab vaporware FPS sequel to some Quake mod from the ’90s they were fiddling with for years and rebuilt it from the ground up into a beautiful and unique example of video game art design and engaging humor with nameless FPS classes that had more personality to them than most JRPG heroes and which eventually were transformed into fully-rounded characters with story arcs and how said game then slowly but exponentially grew into a massive cult hit with a highly dedicated audience and pop culture influence on the ‘net that’s still getting regularly updated five years later with everything under the sun and no sign of stopping anytime soon and some of which is stuff Valve actually paid their fans real money for making because they liked it so much

I do

It was pretty cool


졸려서 더는 못그려….O<-<


 This one’s for a friend of mine.

Very sketchy… but  i preferred it like this


felt like sketching mah pyro :)

Who is the artist????

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